Bloxtown, the first large build on Blox Classic.

Welcome to the official Blox Wiki! Here you can find information on different blocks and game mechanics in Blox, as well as extra information about the game's development, history and trivia.

About Blox

Blox is a building block game on Roblox. The world is made of blocks which players can interact with, add to or destroy. Each world is randomly generated every time a new server opens, so you get a different world each time with unique features and landmarks.

You can find the game on Roblox here.

ClassicSurvival (upcoming)
AirBedrockBookshelfBricksBrown MushroomCoal OreCobblestoneDandelionDiamond BlockDiamond OreDirtGlassGlowing ObsidianGold BlockGold OreGrassGravelIron BlockIron OreLavaLeavesMoss StoneObsidianPlanksRed MushroomRoseSandSaplingSpongeStoneStone SlabTNTVoidWaterWoodWool
Neutral Player
Technical Falling Block
Blox Staff
Developers Elttob
Moderators UndecidedFactorneep3rMrSprinkleToes
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